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Thoughtful, insightful ideas from Wall Street's top minds grounded in hours of research.


Take advantage of our suite of exclusive tools that close the gap between retail and professional traders.


Grow your network and connect with like-minded, driven, & successful people from all over the globe.

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Weekly Prep

Our comprehensive Weekly Prep includes:

  • An update on our current annual, equally-weighted, and unmanaged stock index that returned 81.5% in 2020

  • A recap of market performance in the last week for both stock and options - with insights & analysis from professionals

  • An organized planner for the coming week showing exactly what VTM is watching to move the markets

  • Stocks to watch in the coming week - as well as why to watch them

  • A calendar showing the scheduled release of economic data - a must have for any serious trader

  • A calendar displaying earnings reports schedules as well as expectations, implied moves, and further analysis on featured earnings

  • Past week and expected dividend changes

  • An exclusive top idea of the week - including in-depth, professional analysis and reasoning, allowing you to form a thesis and execute with conviction

  • A featured earnings idea of the week - including analysis and explanation that you can trust and implement

  • A penny stock idea of the week as well as expert reasoning and what penny stocks to watch this week

  • A breakdown of the latest IPO/SPAC news that you need to know to sort through the fluff and find the value

  • Biotech/FDA schedules & news that shape the future of science and technology

  • Commodities market updates and breaking news that is easily digestible and relevant

  • Crypto market recap and top stories summarized for you to gain an edge

  • A summary of the real estate market featuring the news you need to hear


Every single week​.

Daily Prep


Our extensive Daily Prep includes:

  • A reminder of precisely what VTM will be watching that day

  • Notes written by professionals to prepare you for the trading day ahead - straight from the mind of VTM

  • A concise watchlist showing the exact stocks VTM is looking to trade as the result of hours of research as well as technicals on each stock

  • A recap of the most active options & unusual activity, top gainers, most active 

  • Top gaining & most active stocks

  • Upgrades, downgrades, initiations, & PT changes directly from The Street's top analysts

  • Economic Data releases for the day - including forecasts and previous numbers

  • An IPO/SPAC calendar for the week - reminding you when each company hits the market

  • Earnings results compared to their expected numbers

  • Stocks with headlines broken down for you to find the news that matters

  • Penny stock watchlist for each day handpicked by experts

  • "Learn something new" section with knowledge and advice selected to help traders of all levels grow



Real-time, professional trading.

Experience the VTM advantage trading alongside professionals live - including:

  • Options day & swing trades

  • Stock day & swing trades

  • SPY day & swing trades

  • Penny stock day & swing trades

  • Forex day & swing trades​

  • Trades selected specifically for smaller accounts with options contracts under $1

Get your questions answered.

Every member of VTM trading has exclusive, direct access to the industry's top minds in VTM & Digity as well as many other successful, professional traders in our group. Whether it is a basic question in your first month of trading or a comprehensive, multi-part inquiry, the experts in our group will be there to have your questions answered in a timely, understandable manner.

Veteran commentary curated by years of experience.

Each day, VTM and Digity provide live commentary, insights, reactions, and analysis of breaking news and events in the world that shape and move the markets. See inside the head of VTM as he explains his thought process in an easily digestible format with VTM Notes. Experience the edge provided to clients of VTM Trading when hearing expert opinions on important matters as soon as they happen. 



AI Trades

Harness the power of artificial intelligence with our AI trading bots, and always find a trade during your busy schedule. Our bots trade both options and crypto and display crucial information about their ideas such as AI confidence %, open interest, volume, & more.

Options Flow/Dark Pool Prints

Gain the edge you need with our in-chat options flow. Options order flow is an instrument used by professional and institutional traders to follow where the smart money is going in the markets. Our options flow indicator allows members to see large, unusual block and sweep orders made by powerful traders and institutions.

Get more done with VTM's suite of bots. 

Use our team of bots to:

  • Get critical updates on breaking news as soon as it happens

  • View earnings results

  • Receive the latest info in the IPO/SPAC world

  • Look at upgrades/downgrades

  • Check unusual activity for any ticker

  • Pull up options flow for any ticker

And much, much more.



Directly access people who are where you want to be.

In the VTM community, someone is always happy to help. With hundreds of driven people in our group, there is someone from almost every walk of life that can prove a powerful connection in ways you least expect. From entrepreneurs to real estate agents, from athletes to car gurus, there are infinite ways to learn in our growing community. 


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