Our Story

We are a Research Trade Group started in 2019 in Chicago, Illinois by VTM - an independent trader who gives research and ideas from a professional perspective. Our Headquarters are now on Wall Street in Manhattan, New York.

Our Vision

We strive to be the most trusted source of unbiased financial research in the global markets. A one-stop shop for all resources a retail trader will ever need to be successful. From research to execution, we've got you covered.

Our Commitment

We empower investors to control their own financial destiny by providing in-depth analysis and research that ventures outside the box. Every day we seek ways to improve & are constantly refining our services to better serve you. 


What We Offer

Private Server

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Each morning our team plugs in from around the world using our professional tools to provide in-depth information about the financial markets. Our morning prep gives investors an edge on both technical and fundamental analysis. Once the markets open, follow our real-time daily alerts, commentary, and live entry/exit. Our server is also equipped with bots to enhance user experience and ease. 

Weekly Prep

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Included in your membership is our comprehensive weekly research packet that includes some of the market's biggest movers and secrets. Our independent research covers everything from earnings reports to insider commentary. We collect research not only from media outlets but also on Wall Street from our inner circle of professional investors with 20 plus years of experience.

VTM Tools: Options Flow

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Options order flow is an exclusive instrument used by professional and institutional traders to follow where the smart money is going in the markets. Our options flow indicator allows members to see large block and sweep orders. Whether you want to gauge market direction or trail big moves, options flow is an essential tool that other traders pay hundreds of dollars for! Enjoy this feature with a VTM Trading membership.

What to expect?

Members should expect a dedicated team and community with one goal in mind: helping the individual investor gain knowledge & success in the financial markets. While following VTM, an investor can learn setups and correct position sizing that keeps traders around for the long haul. Our community is suitable for investors of any skill level/account size & is constantly evolving to provide more value to our members through additional services.


VTM Trading is a worldwide community of traders, entrepreneurs, and success-minded individuals who exchange ideas daily on everything from the markets, to real estate, to entrepreneurship, & more.


VTM Trading has written an extensive & exclusive selection of e-books that will help investors of any level learn or refresh their skills. 


VTM Trading provides daily and weekly prep of financial markets to equip members with the information necessary to gain an edge. We take this a step further by consistently providing our clients with breaking research presentations as news arises.


VTM Trading makes available the use of professional tools that scan the markets for large stock and option orders that are usually only available to institutional traders and money managers

Ready for an edge?



"The tools, the prep, the research, & an engaged group of like-minded individuals have given me the edge on the markets. VTM's dedication to the success of the group is second to none."

Randall Defalco

"The VTM Trading community has been phenomenal in leading me to grow and learn about executing trades & investing in general. I attribute a lot of my success to the unmatched quality of data that VTM provides."

Platinum38 (Discord)