VTM is an independent trader with over 7 years in the markets and a special knack for providing complete research and analysis. VTM Trading is his passion & was founded by VTM in 2019.

Meet the team

The Best of Both Worlds

Receive the top research and insights from every perspective with ideas from both VTM and Digity. With over 30 years combined experience in the markets, the powerful merging of modern intuition and old-school poise provide the edge you need.


Domenic Diele, A.K.A. Digity, is a Wall St. veteran with over 24 years professional experience on The Street. After working with firms such as John Hancock Investments, Digity now specializes in teaching new traders the ropes and providing plays in real-time

What We Offer

Private Options Server


Each morning our clients log in from around the world to use our professional tools that provide in-depth information about the financial markets. Plan and execute with research, analysis, and ideas from our daily morning prep that gives investors an edge on both technical and fundamental analysis. Once the markets open, follow our real-time daily alerts for stock, options, crypto, & forex plays - and our commentary. Our server is also equipped with bots utilizing the latest technology in artificial intelligence to enhance user experience and accessibility. 

Weekly Prep

Included in your membership is our comprehensive weekly research packet that includes everything a retail trader needs to succeed in the markets directly from our own Bloomberg Terminal. Our independent research covers everything from earnings reports to the latest SPAC deals/IPOs, from a breakdown of the real estate market to our top ideas for the week, from commodities to cryptocurrencies - & more! Our weekly prep is essential for non-active traders, full-time traders, or just market participants looking for a one-stop shop for all your research and analysis needs. We guarantee your independence and critical thinking as a trader will grow after accessing and reading our preps. 

Options Flow/Dark Pool Prints

stock exchange monitor screen closeup on

Options order flow is an exclusive instrument used by professional and institutional traders to follow where the smart money is going in the markets. Our options flow indicator allows members to see large block and sweep orders. Whether you want to gauge market direction or trail big moves, options flow is an essential tool that other traders pay hundreds of dollars for! Enjoy this feature included with a VTM Trading membership.

What to expect?


Members should expect a dedicated team and community with one goal in mind: helping the individual investor gain knowledge & success in the financial markets. VTM Trading is lead by "VTM" who has been trading for over 7 years and currently runs one of the largest independent research groups actually on Wall Street. We collect research not only from media outlets but also on Wall Street from our inner circle of professional investors with 20 plus years of experience. Our community is suitable for investors of any skill level and account size.

Artificial Intelligence Trading

Our members also get access to our team of AI trading bots. These bots day & swing trade both options contracts and cryptocurrencies - allowing members to always have entries for trades throughout the day or to gain further conviction on their other plays. The power of artificial intelligence coupled with human intuition gained from years of experience & research provides a distinct edge in the markets. 


VTM Trading is a worldwide community of traders, entrepreneurs, and success-minded individuals alike who come together each day to exchange ideas on everything from the markets, to real estate, entrepreneurship, & more.


VTM Trading has put together an extensive curated video library as well as two full-length ebooks that will help investors of any knowledge level learn or refresh on how to invest and trade.


VTM Trading provides daily and weekly prep of financial markets to equip members with the necessary information to gain an edge


VTM Trading makes available the use of professional tools that scan the markets for large stock and option orders that are usually only available to institutional traders and money managers

Ready for an edge?


VTM Trading is not a licensed FINRA or SEC platform, the ideas and suggestions displayed throughout our server and inside our chat are not financial advice! Our commentary is not to be used for financial advice, investors should always research financial products and the risks/rewards associated with each. VTM Trading does not act as a broker or advisor to any investors, all ideas are opinions and should be interpreted as such. You remain solely responsible for all decisions regarding your purchase and sale of securities, the suitability, profitability or appropriateness for you of any security, investment, financial product, investment strategy or other matter, and all other matters related to your investments and investment strategies. VTM Trading LLC does not and will not provide you with any legal, tax, estate planning or accounting advice, or any advice regarding the suitability, profitability or appropriateness for you of any security, investment, financial product, investment strategy or other matter. All investments involve risk, and the past performance of a security, industry, sector, market, financial product, trading strategy, or individual’s trading does not guarantee future results or returns. Investors are fully responsible for any investment decisions they make. Such decisions should be based solely on an evaluation of their financial circumstances, investment objectives, risk tolerance, and liquidity needs. We do not trade all ideas presented, and our trade ideas may not be profitable. They could result in loss of entire investment. We DO NOT guarantee that you will make money or that you will be successful if you sign up for our service. VTM Trading does not offer refunds, once you join our private chat you will have benefited from our research and community. VTM Trading offers month to month recurring memberships, members can email dawson@vtmtrading.com to cancel at anytime, no questions asked.

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